CallingStation TDS Policy

    • Section 194B of the Income Tax Act requires every online poker player to pay 30% Income Tax on the total net income generated in a year. Players can withdraw their deposit amount TDS-free anytime, regardless of their wins or losses.
      • TDS is applicable at the time of redemption on Net Winnings (Total Withdrawals – Total Deposits) from withdrawals during the financial year at the time of the withdrawal.
      • Winnings are calculated as below:
      • [Winnings = Total Withdrawals – Total Deposits (at the time of withdrawal) in the current Financial Year (April 1 – March 31).
      • For instance, at the time of attempting a withdrawal of INR 5000, your total withdrawals (including current withdrawal amount) for the financial year = 40K and total deposits = 20K. In this case, your winnings would be calculated as:
      • Winnings for FY = Total withdrawals – Total Deposits = 40,000 – 20,000 = INR 20,000.
      • In this case, the winnings are 20K, hence it will attract a TDS of 30% on the withdrawal amount.
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